TTES Team & Specialist
Turbomachinery Technical Engineering Services

Company Formation

TTES Company formation is such that the core technical experts and employees actually owned the majority of the company shares capital. Currently, these individuals have invested substantially in the company, collectively invested in all of the company’s Paid-up Capital. This commitment ensures that dedicated turbo-machinery specialists and engineers and their expertise will be retained within the company.


TTES provides highly skilled and specialized local resources, manpower and services which effectively support the site maintenance requirement and troubleshooting works on all of the Turbomachinery Packages in Malaysia and neighboring countries. Instead of being a competitor, TTES highly specialized personnel supported the local Oil and Gas services providers such SAAG Consolidated Bhd, HL Engineering, Tenaga Tech, Tanjung Offshore, Sapura and Turboservices Sdn. Bhd. These teams of specialists supported the local companies and their principals (or the OEMs – the Original Equipment Manufacturer - such as Alstom, Siemens, General Electric, Rolls Royce, Dresser-Rand and Petrotech).


TTES will continue such partnership arrangement and to work together with established workshops at KSB to maximize value of Services value to the customer.