TTES Team & Specialist
Turbomachinery Technical Engineering Services


TTES Team & Specialist Sdn. Bhd. specialized in Turbomachinery and Rotating Equipment engineering, maintenance and technical support services. The company offers complete engineering, maintenance and technical support services for various types of industrial gas turbines and the driven equipment such as:


  • General maintenance (Predictive and Preventive) on gas turbines, pumps, compressors, high
       speed industrial gearboxes and turbo-generators.

  • Field performance analysis of gas turbines, compressors (centrifugal and reciprocating).

  • Vibration diagnostics/analysis, surveillance, system integration and installation.

  • Gas Compressor overhauls.

  • Installation and commissioning of new GTG package.

  • Specialist manpower Services.

  • Complete workshop services.


As the company grows, our services are expanded to include Reliability Engineering Services and high quality and effective Technical Training Modules for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry, which include:


  • Maintainability Availability Reliability & Operability Studies.

  • RCM / RBM / IPF studies.

  • Equipment and Asset Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

  • Maintenance Strategy Review (MSR).

  • ODS and Finite Element Analysis and Modeling.

  • Petrochemical process and equipment technical courses.

  • Safety courses.

  • Mechanical equipment and instrumentation courses.


TTES was originally set-up and wholly owned by a team of skilled specialists and engineers, who have many years experience in Turbomachinery and Rotating Equipment engineering, technology, maintenance and technical support services. This dedicated team, consisting of experienced Malaysians with more than 150 years total experience directly related in Turbomachinery Maintenance services and another 100 years relevant experience this field, formed the core technical expertise and the backbone of the company.


With the growth of oil & gas, independent power and utilities industries in Malaysia (Offshore and Onshore), the nation has gone into Gas Turbines era for the supply of energy (prime mover) and power. It has become the TTES vision to become among the first Malaysian Company to master and to provide the complete Turbomachinery Support Services to our customers in Malaysia and its neighboring countries. Our expanded value added services fully supplement these core activities and position us to be a leading technology partner with our Clients.